Tom's X Files

Name - Tom

Nicknames - Tommy Smiler, Agent 007, Shitsoo Warrior, Tomato, Tom Tom, Tomsik, mummy's sweetheart

Birthday - 21 May 2006

Breed - Crosbreed small

Sex - Male

Status - Young, single with GSOH, loves army training looking for a girlfriend

Personality :

Loves - adventures, exploring, playing with soft kids toys, sand and mum's slippers.

Dislikes - being left on his own, closed doors.

Talents - always smiles, can stand on two feet, can open the door, can jump on the sofa, can say "Hello" in bunny language.

Favorite food: Tomatoes, babycorn, lettuce, strawberries, broccoli, apples.

Crazy about: Popcorn, toast, biscuits, cookies.

About Me

I am a house rabbit.

I am very playful.

I am an office bunny. After we had fight with Bubble and I bit his "soft cheeks"( cos I wanted to be 'the King of the castle', didn't want to share toys in that pink room which we both liked, couldn't stand Bubble's nice and polite behaviour) our mum separated us on the different floors. My cardboard house is in the mummy's office. There are my kitchen (food glorious food!), bathroom (my litter tray) and a real sand box for games. I love reading and chewing mum's papers and folders, especially contracts and bank statements.

My afternoon nap place is under the table.

Smile with me! I love being mummy's baby.Goo goo ga ga...

In the night I sleep in the front room on my soft and warm pillow.