Bubble's X Files

Name - Bubble

Nicknames - Babsi, Babeliushnikov, Shitsoo Warrior, mummy's angel

Birthday - 21 May 2006

Breed - Lionhead

Sex - Male

Status - Young, single, romantic loves traveling looking for a girlfriend

Personality :

Loves - pampering:massage, hairstyling, pedicure, listening to music, walks in the forest.

Dislikes - stinky people.

Talents - can stand on two feet, can open the door, can jump on the bed, wakes everyone up in the morning instead of alarm clock.

Favorite food: Curly Kale, babycorn, lettuce, carrots, broccoli.

Favorite color:Pink

Crazy about: Popcorn, strawberries.

About Me

I am a house rabbit.

I am a bedroom bunny. After we had a fight with Tom (cos he didn't like my angelic nature and my love to pink color toys), we were separated on the different floors. My cardboard house is in the master bedroom. There are my kitchen (food glorious food!), bathroom (my litter tray) and a real sand box for games. I love everyone waking up in the morning.

I love gardening and grow my own strawberries.

I like jumping on the trampoline.

I wish I could ride this pink bike.